Then I’m a SCHOOL TEACHER by dayWRITER (in my HEART–where it REALLY COUNTS) by night, as well as…photographer, wanna-be poet, daughter, sister, perveyor of all things wild and wonderful–all things great and small

My parents were way ahead of their time. They were from different cultures, different religions, different parts of the country. Both were the first in their families to complete college.  It was 1952, my father was in Dental School and my mother was a school teacher when they found each other. My brothers and I were bi-literate, bilingual, bicultural, biracial, bireligious and By-Golly the oddest kids in town…in a time and place where being different wasn’t always (or hardly ever) a good thing.

When you are raised a “half-breed” your vantage point is always “on the fence.”  You can see the best and worst of both worlds. You learn early on that you are part of both, and part of neither. What’s left out are the prejudices that you “can’t be taught” because half of you is the TARGET of the fear and ignorance that runs rampant within the culture… fear and ignorance…are the fundamental foundations of discrimination.

So, you try harder.  You learn the languages, you work harder, you achieve more…you do all you can to “prove your worth…”  and the community deliberates…The jury is always out…waiting…debating…deliberating…but it STAYS OUT…it NEVER COMES IN!

And the child without a community…is a child without a village…and so that child adopts the WORLD…for it’s home…

…and these are the moments, marvels, and memories of that child’s journey…

and my life in “Mexibilly Mahem”!

5 thoughts on “About “Mexibilly Mahem”

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  3. Thanks so much for “liking” this! I really don’t know “where it went” for two weeks after I “created it”! I couldn’t access it or find it! Thanks for the “interest” and for stopping by again!

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