in its truest form, is for most Westerners (myself included) pretty unattainable.

Its essence, however, can wash away the troubles of the day and give a peaceful calm that lets you know that by this time next week, next month or next year, no one will care…it’s truly understanding what my Mom used to say when I thought my “heartache du jour” was the end of the world…”And this too, shall pass.”

Wabi-Sabi defined:  “Wabi” is tranquility and balance, harmony and peace.  Over time, wabi has come to be associated with a simple life, or an appreciation of the simpler things in life.  Wabi is unmaterialistic, humble, in tune with nature and appreciative. “Sabi” is time, or the natural progression of life. “Sabi” things change, but do not lose their beauty.  Instead they carry their age with dignity and grace.

Its the understanding that beauty is not fleeting, it just changes.

It’s the realization that you have to love people for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

It’s learning Yoga at 50, so that you can take care of yourself for the next 50 years.

It’s that pear-jelly that Mama made so many years ago, that turned out a little too “runny” to be jelly, and she called it “Pear honey.” My brothers and I ate all 14 jars in less than a month, and begged for more!

It’s the “odd piece” in the patchwork quilt my Granny made 50 years ago, that I recently took out of the closet and made the bedspread for my bedroom.

It’s the “crackle” in the Somaware tea set, that I drink hot tea from while discussing the day’s activities with my daughter.  The same cups I spent so many nights sharing tea and conversation with my mother, and she with her mother.

It’s the lines I fight creeping up around my eyes that I know I’ve “earned” and I appreciate their value. But I’ll make the time nightly to rub in the serum and the Retin-A and emolliant night creams, to help my skin “age with dignity and grace” because I’ll take care of myself…and in true Dylan Thomas fashion… I’ll not “go gently into that good night.”


Refreshing. Renewing. Releasing. Recovery.

3 thoughts on “WABI-SABI

  1. Makes me ponder what the Wabi-Sabi form of love would look like…a simple, unconditional love that grows along with you…a love of a mother for her child, maybe? =)

  2. For me, WABI-SABI is a form of love…and in that realm…a form of acceptance…of imperfection as part of the beauty in life, things around us, and ofcourse…in and of ourselves for who we are and who we can become…. acceptance of the imperfections in others…acceptance of them for who they are, and not who we want them to be…and acceptance of our lives…with all of our trials, tribulations and triumphs…as we grow gracefully into the swans that we all eventually can become! 🙂

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